Monthly Archives: June 2019

PDN Analyzer software further investment

TBS Continue to Invest to Meet Today’s Design Challenges Electronic designs are constantly increasing in density and complexity. To deliver the end user experience the pressure is on component manufacturers to squeeze every ounce of performance from their devices. One result of this requirement is the selection of the correct voltage level to suit the […]

Focuss for the future – pcb power

Accutonic a Staffordshire based specialist battery design and manufacturing gets fully acquired by US Battery and Energy Products corporation – Ultralife Thought to be a main focuss for diversification into the European OEM markets which it obvisouly sees for substantial growth. Specialist in portable power solutions in communications and electronics systems the US corporation needs […]

Composites textiles still proving their worth

Composites textiles are already proven to be high strength and weight-saving materials but are hindered by higher costs, However the and aerospace & defense industry Electrical & electronics, wind energy are some of the the major industries driving the composites textile market in prepreg form. The glass textile composites are widely used in PCBs for […]

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