Composites textiles still proving their worth

Composites textiles are already proven to be high strength and weight-saving materials but are hindered by higher costs, However the and aerospace & defense industry Electrical & electronics, wind energy are some of the the major industries driving the composites textile market in prepreg form.

The glass textile composites are widely used in PCBs for a number of electronics applications According to industry sources at compositesworld, nearly two-thirds of all woven textile-grade electrical or E-glass reinforcements produced today are consumed by PCB laminators. PCBs are compression molded to form rigid “substrates” that support the silicon chips and interconnect the other electrical components in a wide range of electronic devices. These “bare boards” are turned into finished PCB products by literally thousands of manufacturers, with some commodity producers promising finished boards within a few hours of receiving a design.

It is encouraging to read that the Increase in Demand for PCBs Drives the Textile Composites Market with many new more flexible technolgies, such as nanoparticle inks are also developing the PCB market

Further reading at compositeworld

Market growth details can be found at iconnect

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