PCB Design Training - Delivered by Professionals

Our team have a history of delivering training courses to the electronics industry on using PCB design software or PCB design itself as well as speaking at various trade and industry shows. We have trained all over the world from London to Scotland, from Ireland to Turkey and even in the USA.

Sue Critcher previously worked for Inpaq a training facility specifically created to produce the next generation of PCB designers. Created by Newbury College, the aim was to provide a range of courses that catered for different skill levels but specifically targeted to address the training needs of the industry. The first was for the complete novice giving a basic grounding so that they could “hit the floor running” as soon as they began working in a design office. The second was a series of short courses to improve a designers technique in for example high-speed design. Sue wrote or co-wrote many of the courses provided and therefore has a wealth of material and contacts within the industry.

Inpaq was backed by Mentor Graphics. We offer various short courses on a wide variety of PCB design related issues. Our courses are currently held at customer sites throughout the UK. However, for larger class sizes or where customers prefer an independent location we have facilities in the North West and the South of England. We also provide Kick-Start training where the focus is primarily on the topics and issues to get you through the design process resulting in having your first design manufactured. We will work with you to ensure that we deliver exactly what you need.

Sue and Andy Critcher are approved Mentor Graphics trainers and have delivered courses on topics such as

  • Dxdesigner
  • Expedition
  • Library Manager
  • Constraint Editor System (CES)
  • Board Station
  • Library Management System (LMS)

If you would like to learn more please contact us.