We can take you from design to product

The electronics industry continues to feel increasing pressure to produce faster, smaller and cheaper products while maintaining quality and reliability. This pressure is felt across all industry segments, not just the traditional area of the consumer market.

TBS offer a complete design solution from schematic capture through to the completed PCB delivered to you. With our manufacturing partners we are able to provide a fabrication and assembly service that meets your needs. We have been supply this service to the electronics industry since 1998.

Rapid turnaround Prototyping

As part of the development process there is sometimes the need to get something on the bench! Whether it is for initial testing of design concepts or feasibility of the design process itself (TBS has been involved in many cutting edge board designs) we are able to provide a rapid-turn around service to help address this requirement.

Outsourcing PCB Design

Not every company has an in-house facility to design and manage the production of a PCB – this is especially true for companies such as start-ups whose primary focus is the development of a new product. Whether a start-up or an established chip manufacturer there are times when the prospective customers require the ability to interact with the hardware through test or evaluation boards. TBS can play a vital role in bridging the gap between the product development team and the manufacturers by providing an instant skill-set.

TBS offers a complete design service; you can supply a schematic on a scrap of paper and we will hand you back the designed, fabricated and fully assembled board. Our excellent links with both fabricators and assemblers enables us to smooth the process providing a product that meets your specifications.

To discuss your design requirements, without obligation, please contact us.