PCB World from PCB Design to PCB Manufacture

The core of our business is PCB design, as you would expect. Our dedicated team have many years of experience across the broad spectrum that is known as PCB.

Our PCB expertise covers all aspects of design type and design technology across a wide range of industry segments including; Satellite, telecommunications (basestations and handset design), mobile communications, aero-military, gas and oil, and the motor industry to name but a few.

These diverse market areas have exposed the team to wide range of challenges resulting in the ability to design with all the latest techniques e.g. microvias, ball grid arrays, chip scale packages, flip chip for all types of boards e.g. RF, High-speed and power boards.

As part of our solution we are able to offer both an on-site and off-site design capability enabling you to free up your own designers and licenses during times of work overload and still continue to meet the aggressive timescales.  But off-site does not mean remote – the ability to seamlessly integrate into your team when separated physically is critical and we have the capability to create a virtual office, one where we can have a multi-user meeting, while sharing design data and you can even take control of our workstations to ensure that the communication is complete and effective.

With our commitment to design quality we have forged strong partnerships with a number of fabrication and assemblers. This not only to provides a seamless link, if you require our black box solution, but also ensures that our boards are designed considering the full range of DFF (Design for Fabrication), DFA (Design for Assembly) and DFT (Design for Test) requirements.

Our design resources have many years’ experience in the PCB design arena, but we do not keep this experience to ourselves, we ensure that our PCB expertise is passed to our customers as part of our on-going commitment to design excellence.

TBS provides an efficient design service to our customer base while taking into account all the necessary design criteria to ensure a right-first-time product. Our extensive knowledge enables the design team to not only deliver the product on time but also provide cost effective solutions by considering the design trade-offs at an early stage in the development process.