PCB Design Consultancy

A company’s needs can vary at different stages of the design process – perhaps at the initial stage discussions on board stackup, strategies to address any thermal issues are necessary while during the actual design phase the attention is more focused on the application of the PCB design software. At TBS, whatever the stage of the design process we can call on our vast experience in the circuit board design process to address your needs.

The following is just a short-list of some of our PCB experience

  • PCB design, manufacture and assembly
  • High-speed layout design techniques
  • Library management – Library generation, process control and configuration
  • RF/Microwave design
  • Design software migration between flow

Our expertise spans many electronic market segments including, but not limited to, telecommunications, mil-aero and consumer, as well as diverse organizational structures from small design teams to multi-nationals.

We have successfully fulfilled a number of consultancy engagements – below is an overview of a just few of the projects that we have managed.

  • Joint venture with fabrication house to improve custom design techniques to work towards
  • achieving 6 sigma by reducing their opportunities for error ultimately with the aim to lower their
  • fabrication costs
  • Library management – initial definition, creation and maintenance of a LMS library
  • Worked with Mentor Graphics’ application engineers to understand the problems PCB
  • designers face every day
  • Kick-start programme to train a design team in the latest design techniques
  • Migration from PADS to Altium, OrCAD to Altium, Allegro to Altium and Xpedition to Altium
  • Define and institutionalised a best-practice working environment between fabricators and assemblers

To discuss your Consultancy requirements, without obligation, contact us.