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Thermal coefficient of dielectric constant is the answer – what’s the question?

Thermal coefficient of dielectric constant is the answer – what’s the question? Every material has a thermal coefficient of dielectric constant (TCDK), which is used to determine how materials will change as temperatures change. As always, our general news, and info updates, we try not to get too technical, just present information to highlight issues, […]

Electronic hands do the talking for sign language

Electronic hands do the talking for sign language In our spate of investigations into what Ukrainian technology has contributed to the electronics and PCB industry, this electronic hands to enable-talk,we love! Four Ukrainian students have created gloves that produces speech from sign language! Yes, an electronic system allowing speech and hearing-impaired people to communicate with […]

Printed circuit board design, another evolution on the PCB

Ukrainian technology and circuit board design. With our previous posts about our reflection on Ukrainian technology, its evolution and impact on PCB and circuit board design, I recently read information about the development of the helicopter. The world’s first production helicopter was a Sikorsky’s R-4B Hoverfly. It was developed from Igor Sikorsky’s famous VS-300 experimental […]

Computer Mushrooms in electronics

Computer Mushrooms in electronics Ok …please bare with me on this one.  A research group from the Johannes Kepler University in Austria has developed a biodegradable alternative to some plastics found in batteries, computer chips, and PCB material. The material is made from the skins of mushrooms, more specifically, using Ganoderma lucidum mushroom skins to […]

PDN Analyzer software further investment

TBS Continue to Invest to Meet Today’s Design Challenges   Electronic designs are constantly increasing in density and complexity. To deliver the end user experience the pressure is on component manufacturers to squeeze every ounce of performance from their devices. One result of this requirement is the selection of the correct voltage level to suit […]

Focuss for the future – pcb power

Accutonic a Staffordshire based specialist battery design and manufacturing gets fully acquired by US Battery and Energy Products corporation – Ultralife Thought to be a main focuss for diversification into the European OEM markets which it obvisouly sees for substantial growth.  Specialist in portable power solutions in communications and electronics systems the US corporation needs […]

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