Electronic hands do the talking for sign language

Electronic hands do the talking for sign language

In our spate of investigations into what Ukrainian technology has contributed to the electronics and PCB industry, this electronic hands to enable-talk,we love!

Four Ukrainian students have created gloves that produces speech from sign language! Yes, an electronic system allowing speech and hearing-impaired people to communicate with those who don’t use or understand sign language. This is done through electronic microcontroller gloves, equipped with sensors that recognize the movement in sign language and translate it into text on a smartphone, which then converts the text to spoken words.




The ability for someone on stage to sign to the whole audience through an App on their phones is heart-warming, and these should be given out (funded) free to people with disabilities that rely on Sign language for communication. Individuals who communicate through sign language have trouble when talking to people who do not know sign language, and a device, or more specifically a simple pair of gloves, that will allow them to communicate with other people is certainly a game changer.

Electronic micro-controller hands create text then speech

This project began in prototype form, won many design and development awards, and is now in the production phase. It’s aiming to transform sign language into a spoken verbal communication— with cell phone conversation app soon to be released that will interact to their Enable Talk system.



With Enable Talk, you’re getting a pair of gloves that includes a microcontroller on a PCB board, and 15 flex sensors for position tracking, an accelerometer for measuring the speed and direction of movement, a gyroscope for detecting rotational motion along three axes, and a compass. Additionally, it has Bluetooth connectivity so you can more easily interact with your mobile device without opening it up. I read that Enable Talk will soon have mini solar panels in order to provide longer intervals between charging.

A great application of simple electronics and PCB board design that will have a huge impact on humanity.  We have been lead to believe the technology is now being developed further through brightsignglove

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