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PCB Design helps as a growth engine for the UK’s economy

Celebrating 25 years we have seen the PCB design Industry contribute to the Economic growth of the UK. At this milestone we have started to review our time (life) as PCB Designers, with specific reviews of landmarks over 25 years, from the inception of TBS LTD ( and the creation of Google) in 1998. This […]

Good PCB designers can provide real “flexibility” in your product design.

Flexible circuit boards give you flexible solutions We all know in business you need to be flexible – be just-in-time, use kanban etc etc, and this train of thought also needs to be applied to your PCB design process. For the non techies reading this, The PCB (printed circuit board) you see today have really […]

Electronic hands do the talking for sign language

Electronic hands do the talking for sign language In our spate of investigations into what Ukrainian technology has contributed to the electronics and PCB industry, this electronic hands to enable-talk,we love! Four Ukrainian students have created gloves that produces speech from sign language! Yes, an electronic system allowing speech and hearing-impaired people to communicate with […]

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