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Design Engineers and PCB Designers – ensure communication and harmony

The PCB Design Magazine by Andy Shaughnessy Some PCB designers say that working with their design engineers is one of their biggest hurdles. Others say it all comes down to a lack of com-munication. We asked a variety of engineers and designers to discuss the reasons for this divide, and what can be done to […]

PDN Analyzer software further investment

TBS Continue to Invest to Meet Today’s Design Challenges   Electronic designs are constantly increasing in density and complexity. To deliver the end user experience the pressure is on component manufacturers to squeeze every ounce of performance from their devices. One result of this requirement is the selection of the correct voltage level to suit […]

Focuss for the future – pcb power

Accutonic a Staffordshire based specialist battery design and manufacturing gets fully acquired by US Battery and Energy Products corporation – Ultralife Thought to be a main focuss for diversification into the European OEM markets which it obvisouly sees for substantial growth.  Specialist in portable power solutions in communications and electronics systems the US corporation needs […]

Advanced PCB 3D printer gets $1.3 grant

Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Ministry of Economy supports the developer of 3D printed electronics systems – Nano Dimension. The grant up to $1.3 million supports the development budget up of $10.9 already raised in 2015. focussed investment is in its Dragonfly 2020, the first inkjet 3D printer dedicated to printing multi-layer PCBs, combining 3D […]

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