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SoC, – system on a chip – is an electronic system was largely a collection of components on a PCB that included memory, a processor, and some sort of I/O and networking but with the recent concept that things like our phones are not phones anymore – they are cameras, GPS, Fitness machine, music centres, language translators etc, are we seeing concept that may show us what the near future will be like and the opportunities for us in PCB design.

IoT (The Internet of Things) concept—is revolutionizing how we think of a systems and the direct bearing on the electronics you choose. What use to be the dominant domain of the PC to access our data ( photos, music, personal details etc) has been exploded with new products which access particular data – watches that “watch” our heart rates. 

We are moving into a world where the next big thing is how you slice up existing platforms and technologies into customized little things—basically using aggregation of standardize parts to specialize in unique ways. So what is now changing is the fundamental of the SoC migrating from electronic defined world to one that is application driven. This has ramifications for everything from PCB’s and semiconductor design to EDA tools and more standardized approaches because of IoT and connecting everything together more easily. 

Thanks to Ed Sperling @ semicondusctor engineering 

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