Advanced PCB 3D printer gets $1.3 grant

Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Ministry of Economy supports the developer of 3D printed electronics systems – Nano Dimension. The grant up to $1.3 million supports the development budget up of $10.9 already raised in 2015. focussed investment is in its Dragonfly 2020, the first inkjet 3D printer dedicated to printing multi-layer PCBs, combining 3D inkjet, 3d software, and nanomaterials

The future of 3D printed functional electronics is beleived to be based round Nano Dimension’s technologies, the use of conductive inks for ultra-rapid prototyping of complex, high-performance multi-layer printed circuit boards.

The company is also known for developing a proprietary range of nanotechnology-based inks for 3D electronics printing. These include a new line of conductive silver nanoparticle inks known as AgCite, and a recently-filed patent for oxidation-resistant conductive copper ink, which would allow industrial 3D printer machines the ground breaking ability to 3D print with copper—a much less expensive yet equally conductive alternative to silver.

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