Making the move to release the power

With the advent of new design tools designed to meet the ever increasing complexity required for the development of new electronic products, there comes a time when there is only one option to take advantage of the new functionality in order to meet time to market pressures – migration from one software platform to another.

Each CAD vendor generally supplies translation tools to help you through this process; however there are still remains the questions that need to be answered, such as will you take this opportunity to rationalise your library? Do you need to migrate any design data? What are the differences between the systems? With the main question being – how can I transition from one software package to another and minimise the potential blip in productivity? So before embarking on this journey it is worthwhile taking stock of what is to be done.

Our expertise with a number of design tools enables us to guide you through the process, from the all-important planning stage to test projects and final implementation. Conversely if you simply need someone to press-the-button so that your designers can spend their time on more worthwhile things we are well positioned to carry out this task.

Many companies see this as an ideal time to evolve their design process – we are perfectly equipped to help you through this procedure. Migrations carried out include:-

  • Migration from PADs to Altium
  • Migration from Eagle to Altium
  • Migration from Expedition to Altium
  • Migration from Board Station™ to Expedition
  • Migration from Orcad™ to Altium