Now available from TTI, Molex’s EdgeMate power connectors offer positive PCB-locking and significant cost savings for wire-to-edge-card terminations in appliance, industrial and lighting applications.

The connectors are designed to help reduce cost by eliminating the need for mating headers in a wire-to-edge card. The hallmark feature of the devices is its highly robust locking mechanism, which enables the mated (and wired) assembly to withstand high-vibration or shock operating conditions. Added electrical reliability is achieved with the crimp terminal, known for its cantilever beam and dual-contact-point design for high normal-force and current-carrying capacity. A polarized housing ensures the correct orientation with the PCB.

Cost reduction connectors can help by removing the requirement for mating headers on a wire-to-edge-card. having positive PCB-locking connectors can be very robust in PCB assembly to assist in withstanding high vibrations or knocking shocks in operating conditions.

having a strong positive PCB-locking connector can assist in reducing production assembly for wire-to-edge-card termination in industrial appliances and pcb lighting applications.

An example on the market with good electrical reliability with its crimp terminal, a cantilever locking beam to provide a dual point of contact is the Molex’s Edgemate