When releasing the data for fabrication – what do you need to do, how do the production teams need it. get a process so it is correct every time!

  1. Collecting all data consistently for fabrication and assembly
  2. Checking that all the data is the latest and checks are run
  3. Checking the rules
  4. Package data up – for Fabrication – for Assembly

Getting the right design manufactured is reason we are all here! In the last couple of articles we looked at the part the library and design life-cycle play in the overall development process. In this article we will look at how the last step in the process, sending the board to be fab’ed, is the most crucial part of the process.

There is much debate about the format that the data should be sent to the PCB fabricator, Gerber 274X, ODB++ or IPC 2581, but one thing is clear – you must to send a data-pack that contains the complete and most importantly correct board data!

Prior to hitting the button to send the data across there are a number of areas that have to be addressed. Firstly, does the design pass all the relevant design and fabrication checks?

Secondly, are you using the latest incarnation of the library especially the footprints?

Thirdly, do you have the necessary files and are they named and numbered correctly so that the fab does not use the previous version accidentally?

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