25 years in PCB Consultancy

There were two particular great things that happened in 1998

It was the foundation year of Total Board Solution Ltd and the search engine Google!

Well it certainly does not feel like 25 years since we opened the doors to offer high-end PCB consultancy and design services. Our favourite films of the time are still are favourite, still inspired to move from BMW to Mercedes, and can still do a karaoke to Cher. It surely was a year of greatness, as 

  • Apple Computer launched the iMac, and The FDA approved Viagra!
  • The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland sign the Good Friday Agreement.
  • The 16th FIFA World Cup final was played between Brazil and France.
  • The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) was established.
  • Monica Lewinsky became famous, can’t remember why?
  • The Japanese economy enters a recession.
  • Furbie Furby was release
  • Sony introduced the Sony memory stick
  • PayPal was founded
  • Microsoft becomes biggest Company in the World valued at $261bn on the New York Stock Exchange.

As you can see it was a significant year, and we have contributed to each and every one of those years, and look forward to at least another decade of improving the modern world of electronics through professional PCB design and Consultancy.

We plan to a number of things that are still on our bucket list, and may document our journey here. We do realise that we are only still here thanks to our clients over the years. We sincerely thank you, and it is humbling to see we stiil have clients that have also been on the majority of this journey with us.

1998 Mercedes Benz SL600

Watch this, as we are digging out old photos, and some other goodies to help us absorb how well we have done to reach this mile stone!